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Having bad dreams of SEO? Well not anymore. I am sure you must have consulted few SEO Companies in Delhi or SEO Services in India or SEO Expert in Delhi  as of now but still have not found the “magic bullet" as of yet.

Meet me & see how I ace those targets by hitting right through them as we move bigger & bigger in terms of your brand SEO power.

In the meantime, go ahead & educate yourself more on SEO by reading the guide I have created for you all.

Yes, there are many SEO Consultants (or experts) that can let you know all of the written below content but as a layman yourself you need to understand the basics first, I would request you to give this information a good look so as when next time you are meeting a so called best seo expert in Delhi or NCR, you would have some cards in your hands to play with.

You Possibly want to know that can I do all that it takes for SEO Success? To put things in line for you, Yes, I take care of everything that SEO crosses it’s path with.

  1. Website Audit
  2. Content Optimization
  3. Reverse Engineering About Competitors Success
  4. How to Replicate the strategies used by Competitors
  5. Backlinks (Backlinks That Matter Actually To Push Your Website Up on Google)
  6. Keyword Mapping
  7. Fixing Dups, Canonical Issues, Broken Links & 404 Errors
  8. Schema Markup
  9. Optimizing Google MyBusiness Listings
  10. (No Matter What I Rank Your Keywords)

So you come across world’s most popular blogs & see the engagements over there from their target audience & you go like “How the hell they have been doing so good?"

Wondering to find the “abra kadaabra" for these websites? There is no magic people, it’s just that they have realized the importance of being seen & heard by their target audience & now is the time that you understand that too. They have understood the fact that great content is not the only magic bullet in their magazine but alot of other things that goes down the line.

After all, if they website is not being found online then who cares if they have amazing content, right?

Lemme Explain All This Over a Call To You – Seems Legit? Right?

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Before, we get any further, lets get to know what is Search Engine Optimization.

What is Search Engine Optimization – SEO Expert in Delhi Explanation

To generalize SEO, it’s a form of marketing. The process of optimization of your content so that more & more people can find it online.
It’s different from paid strategy as it’s organic which means you are not willingly going to put money directly for SEO to see the charts growing until or unless you hire someone for your brand to do it.

SEO is easy to follow if you are being trained by sought of SEO Experts & after you have understood the fact that first you need to help search engines so that they can process & index your content & second, your content needs to be optimized for the search engine so that it scores the top ranks on SERP’s & for that best digital marketing consultant in Delhi can help you.

You need business then you got to be creating a content that the search engine process & then serves directly to the people who are searching for it. That’s how the best seo expert is going to favor you. More traffic, more leads, more cost effective marketing you are into.

SEO Services in Delhi That Brings Results on ROI

Finding an SEO Professional in Delhi for successful search engine optimization and preventing it from being ripped off by dubious SEO agencies is still a big issue. It is important to avoid expensive or annoying mistakes and go into typical procedures of black sheep among the SEO providers. In this guide we explained the process of selecting best SEO expert in Delhi & you will be able to quickly differentiate between good and less good agencies. 

If you want to be successful on the Internet, you can’t avoid SEO. The importance of SEO has grown to the same extent as the importance of search engines or search engine optimization. Intelligent SEO (search engine optimization) measures lead to high positions at Google and Co. – if you do it right. You can find out how to do this and how to avoid mistakes at the same time here. Technical SEO Services can be easily found online but best seo services are those which delivers value with best SEO practices of search engine optimization. In addition to our SEO Experts, would you like to take advantage of other seo services in Delhi such as SEM, web design, email marketing, mobile app, online reputation, mobile seo …? Contact us to know more!

Important: SEO is not the same as SEM. Because SEO should only optimize the organic or natural search results for your own offer. SEO does not include the paid ads (Pay Per Click) that you often see in the first position on Google. How to optimize these results is the subject of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the generic term for Adwords.

 Simply put: SEO is the art of placing a website at the top of organic search results on Google – without paying money for ads (Pay Per Click). Search engine optimization is ultimately aimed at increasing the number of visitors. SEO targets more traffic.

Iamdigitalninja is a pioneer provider of SEO Services in Delhi that has been delivering SEO based growth search engine optimization (SEO) to many companies in Delhi.

Does Google offer SEO services?

No Google doesn’t provide SEO services in Delhi NCR to anyone, infact Google is a search engine that people use to search related keywords to what they want to find online.

In practice, SEO means search engine optimization for Google, the top dog among search engines. There are of course other search engines. These figures, which refer to the market shares in India in February 2018 , show that their relevance for SEO is only minor :

  1. Google: 85.8%
  2. Bing: 10.3%
  3. Yahoo: 1.8%

These numbers speak for themselves – and they only apply to desktop devices. The statistics of market shares look really scary when you look at the numbers for mobile devices :

  1. Google: 98.4%
  2. Yahoo: 0.8%
  3. Bing: 0.4%


 Who needs SEO? A simple answer: everyone who works on the Internet and wants to attract visitors to his site. This can be a blog, a company’s website or an online shop. The importance of search engines as a source of traffic is immense. The majority of visitors usually come from organic searches on Google. In addition, there are also direct calls (typing in the address in the browser), visiting via a link, clicking on an ad or mentioning a website or brand in social media by using best social media marketing practices.

The origin of the views strongly depends on the type of website. However, the importance of search engines is outstanding. This can be seen from the fact that most Internet users have selected Google as the standard search engine and usually also as the start page. The most popular browser (Chrome) also comes from Google


The sales figures for sales on the Internet are constantly increasing. More and more people are using the Internet as a shopping mile. The growing offer also has a major disadvantage for the individual online shop operator: the competition is growing. Especially in a market where there are many suppliers of comparable products, it is a challenge to stand out from the competition. Because more and more users also ask Google when searching for products, a high position on the Google search results page is essential for good sales figures.


What was a company’s showcase yesterday is today its website. The reputation of a SEO agency or any company in Delhi – regardless of whether it is small or large – depends crucially on its presence on the Internet. The most important advantages of search engine optimized websites for companies:

  • A good position for the most competitive keywords in the respective industry guarantees digital attention.
  • Local SEO (search engine optimization for the region) secures valuable market shares for companies that particularly target audience local customers.
  • Above all, new customers are reached via the search engines, but loyalty of regular customers is also secured.

SEO Agency plays a special role in content marketing. Modern companies rely on informative content with added value instead of confrontational advertising. In this way, those interested can access the website on their own. For content marketing in particular, it is important to rank as well as possible for the relevant keywords.


Landing pages are websites that only deal with a specific topic and do not necessarily have to be part of the navigation of a company website or any industry company in Delhi. They are mainly used for certain products or campaigns. The usual SEO (search engine optimization) principles also apply to landing pages. Because of their one-sided focus on a specific topic, they are particularly suitable for narrow keyword groups.


The importance of SEO for your own goals always depends on what those goals look like. There are hardly any alternatives to SEO on the Internet, but there are many accompanying measures. For example:

  • paid banner advertising
  • Google Ads (Pay Per Click) (paid ads in the search result lists)
  • Campaigns on social media marketing channels
  • Offline advertising (posters, brochures and the like)

It is important here that the various advertising measures are coordinated and result in a holistic strategy. 


SEO comes at a price as a professional service. However, a general answer to the question of how much money SEO costs is not possible. Because SEO always depends on individual factors:

  • What is the SEO company in Delhi goals for you?
  • For which keyword should the ranking be optimized? For highly competitive keywords, sometimes complicated and extensive measures have to be applied.
  • What is the search volume for the respective keyword?
  • What is the current state in terms of SEO? Is the page already partially optimized?

Professional search engine optimization (SEO) costs money – there is no question. However, it is even more expensive to do without SEO. Because then visitors and sales will surely stay away.


Again and again you come across offers that promise amazing SEO success for little money. “Number 1 on Google within a very short time for 10000 INR?” Of course that sounds tempting. But behind it is never what is promised. Because SEO is …

  1. … A professional service that requires know-how and expertise,
  2. … a complicated process, the success of which is only visible after a certain time – but then has a long-term effect.

This is mainly because Google keeps its algorithms secret. The criteria for ranking specific search terms are only partially known. In total there are over 200 so-called ranking factors. In addition, these algorithms are continuously changed and updated. Professional search engine optimization (SEO) is therefore always up to date.

No SEO wisdom applies to eternity. What promoted the ranking yesterday can already be a negative factor today. Sustainable search engine optimization (SEO) is therefore a permanent process.


What is the ideal budget for SEO? This question can only be answered for individual cases. Your own SEO strategy and the associated costs depend on many factors. Here you can orient yourself on the following questions:

  • How important are the rankings for a certain keyword?
  • How does SEO relate to other marketing tools of the SEO company in Delhi?
  • For which SEO measures can own resources be used?
  • What is an external service provider needed for?

Every company in Delhi ncr that is active in ecommerce solutions is usually dependent on SEO or some SEO agency to improve its position in the market. In principle, this is independent of the amount of the budget. Because even small SEO measures can often have a big impact.

Google is by far the largest traffic provider for websites. It is therefore essential for success on the Internet to monitor and improve the search engine rankings on Google & it establishes top internet marketing services.


 Search engines scour the World Wide Web – naturally fully automatically. So-called crawlers are used for this, which follow the link structure of the Internet. They record the content of each page that is found in an index.

The crawlers (Googlebots) scan the Internet and set up an index. This index is a kind of directory of the contents of the network. If a user submits a query to Google, this index is first searched. 


Crawlers follow the link structure of the web. They analyze this structure and thus determine how the pages are linked to each other. As a (very rough) rule of thumb:

A link is usually (!) A positive vote for the page.

Backlinks (links from external sites to your own site) are therefore popular – if they do not come from a site that is classified as bad. Then it can quickly become dangerous. Bad neighborhood (bad backlinks) is top SEO poison. A regular backlink audit therefore protects against loss of position & a top SEO services seo company in Delhi NCR must know how to pick online reputation along with Social media marketing or social media optimization.

In addition, there are also the keywords – i.e. relevant keywords or combinations of several keywords. Google’s algorithms primarily capture the text on a website. Again, the keywords are important here. Google records the relevance of a website according to various criteria. Examples:

  • How often does the keyword appear in the text of the website?
  • How often are links to the keyword as link text?
  • How often did users click on the page after entering a certain search term and stayed there (and did not jump)?

These are just a few aspects. Important: What these criteria look like in detail and the weight of each criterion is a well-kept secret. However, certain results allow conclusions to be drawn about these criteria. Finding this out is the job of top SEO experts.


In the early days of the web (which were also the early days of the search engines), and on the top SEO was quite simple: lots of links from external pages, use the main keyword on your own page as often as possible – there was already a good place in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages , or in India: search results pages). But over time, Google’s algorithms became increasingly intelligent and quickly recognized tricks for keywords. Today, keywords, synonyms and high-quality content are used to generate positive reactions from readers.

Tip : Keyword spamming is counterproductive. The inflationary use of a keyword is considered bad quality by Google.

How to use the main keyword optimally? Definitely not inflationary, but at least once

  • in the title tag,
  • in the meta description,
  • in the url,
  • in the H1 heading,
  • isolated in H2 or H3 headings (if it fits)
  • as an alt attribute for an image file
  • as well as every now and then in paragraphs.

It is also helpful to label the keyword in bold or italics. TF * IDF also plays a role in this context. This complicated formula represents the optimal ratio of keywords to other terms. Your own texts can be checked online for their TF * IDF suitability.

 With new updates from Google, the selection and optimization of content for certain keywords is becoming more and more interesting.

With the so-called BERT ( Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) update, Google wants to improve the understanding of so-called long-tail search queries and display results that are as relevant as possible. Natural Language Processing (NLP) now enables Google to understand the semantic context of a search query even better.


Google registers almost everything that is important for the evaluation of a website. This also includes the reactions of the visitors. And these reactions are always related to a specific keyword. If, for example, it turns out that visitors who formulate a keyword or a question quickly return to the Google results list after clicking on page A and select another offer, this is an indication that the page for answering the Question gives little. Such reactions have a negative impact on the ranking.

On the other hand, it is a positive indicator of the keyword relevance of a website if the visitors stay on the website after clicking on the entry in the Google results list and carry out a certain action, e.g. clicking on a subpage or a general call -to-action. 


Search engine marketing (SEM) (Pay Per Click) is SEO (search engine optimization) plus SEM. SEM mainly refers to Google Ads (Pay Per Click)(formerly Google AdWords). It is advisable to rely on both options and to balance the weaknesses of one channel with the strengths of the other. If a page for a certain search term ranks very well in the organic search results, expensive Google Ads (Pay Per Click) are not necessary – because your own offer is already at the top. However, if the organic SERPs look negative, this can be compensated well with Google Ads (Pay Per Click).


Anyone who regularly checks their spam folder knows the typical e-mails that promise fast SEO success for little money: “In a short time at position 1", “Your offer at number 1 on Google" or “The new SEO- Turbo brings your website to the front ”. Not much can be thought of such offers. The fact is: Nobody except Google knows the algorithm that determines the SERPs. In addition, Google continuously updates and adjusts the algorithm. So what can a reputable best SEO expert in Delhi do? If you rely on quality, you can be sure that you will achieve good long-term positions with Google and Co. However, the prerequisite for this is that the goals of working with an best SEO consultant in Delhi ncr are set out precisely.


Better rankings, more traffic, good conversions and therefore more sales – the goal of search engine optimization is obvious for commercial websites or web designs. Given the importance of search engine optimization for these goals, it is crucial to choose the right best SEO guy in Delhi NCR. Term contracts have proven to be efficient here: the continuous work on optimization for Google. It is crucial for the success and control of the performance that the goals of such a contract are set out in writing as far as possible. Examples of such goals are:

  • Better ranking for selected keywords
  • More traffic from organic search results
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Higher sales figures

The individual best SEO goals are always related to the general marketing strategies of a company and should therefore always be coordinated.


Content marketing has been the predominant strategy in the online area for several years. This means the approach of winning customers with useful information. Content marketing is therefore a special area of ​​inbound marketing. In inbound marketing, the customer is not confronted with advertising, but comes to the offer alone because he is looking for information. Content marketing measures and SEO complement each other. Content marketing aims to present high quality content for users. Since search engine operators try to deliver the best SEO possible result for their search query, it makes sense to focus on good content in SEO.

  • Content marketing regularly produces fresh content that has a positive effect on the search engine ranking.
  • Technical SEO measures have a positive impact on the user experience and thus promote the willingness to consume good content.
  • Strong content as a result of intelligent content app marketing strategies leads to backlinks on its own, thus supporting an essential part of offpage optimization.

Content marketing is a comprehensive and holistic concept that cannot do without the technical help of SEO. The fact is that search engines are still the first address for a search. This is likely to remain the case for the foreseeable future. When content app marketing and SEO service plus web design go hand in hand, the results are impressive


The most important terms around search engine optimization

  1. Bounce Rate : Percentage of visitors who only stay on one page of the website and then leave the website.
  2. Alt attribute : The Alt attribute is used to describe an image on a website or a web design. This attribute is particularly important for Google image search.
  3. Anchor Text (also: anchor text): Clickable text that serves as an external or internal link.
  4. Backlinks : Links from strangers to your own page. Search engines rate backlinks as a positive vote for the linked page if the linking page itself is well rated.
  5. Click-through rate : The click-through rate (CTR) is the ratio between the number of times a link is displayed and the number of clicks on it.
  6. Cloaking : A form of black hat SEO in which the search engines are shown a different content than the visitor to the website.
  7. Content marketing : Content App Marketing strategy that relies on useful information that potential customers are looking for. A good content offering strengthens the reputation of a brand.
  8. Conversion : The “conversion" of a website visitor to a customer. For commercial websites, this is the long-term goal of SEO.
  9. Domain trust : trustworthiness of a website. A backlink from a page with a high domain trust has a positive effect on your own page. Also with a hidden WHOIS so that you have your rights reserved.
  10. Duplicate content : If the Google crawlers register on a website content that already exists in the same form on other pages, this can lead to devaluation. On the contrary: unique content.
  11. Google Ads (Pay Per Click) (formerly Google AdWords) : Google advertisements that appear when certain search terms are entered. Advertisers pay per click on the ad. The more competitive the search term is, the more expensive the ad prices are & it not decided by any SEO services in Delhi.
  12. Link Juice : “Link power” that arises from the fact that your page receives a link from a high-quality website. This link power is transferred to the linked page and has positive SEO effects.
  13. Local SEO : Local search engine optimization. Local SEO measures achieve better visibility for users who are looking for regional offers.
  14. Offpage SEO : All SEO measures that start outside of a website. These include, for example, optimizing the backlink structure and avoiding bad neighborhoods.
  15. Onpage SEO : All SEO measures that start directly on the page. This includes, for example, metadata, XML sitemaps, image optimization, heading structure, navigation, responsive design and internal linking.
  16. Rich snippets : Additional information about a website that appears in the SERPs in addition to the title, URL and page description. They attract more attention from the user.
  17. robots.txt : Text file that is saved in the main directory of a website and informs crawlers which subpages of the domain may be included in the index.
  18. SEM : Search Engine Marketing is a sub-area of ​​search engine app marketing that mainly deals with the display of advertisements after entering a specific search term. Google Ads (Google AdWords) (Pay Per Click) is of particular importance here.
  19. SEO : Search Engine Optimization. This includes all measures that improve the ranking and the click-through rate for organic search results.
  20. SERPs : Search Engine Result Pages. Search results for a search query that are sorted in descending order of relevance.
  21. Social Media signals : feedback from users via social media marketing services channels, such as likes and shares. It is not certain whether these will have an immediate SEO impact.
  22. Search engine : Program for the targeted search for websites. By far the most important search engine is Google.
  23. URL : URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is the standard for an address on the Internet. Every address is unique. The domain is only part of the URL. The keyword in the URL generally leads to better visibility
  24. XML sitemap : XML file that contains all the subpages of a website. This makes search engines easier to index. There are also sitemaps in HTML format.