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Having bad dreams of SEO? Well not anymore. I am sure you must have consulted way too much SEO Gurus as of now but still have not found the “magic bullet" as of yet.

Meet me & see how I ace those targets by hitting right through them as we move bigger & bigger in terms of your brand SEO power.

In the meantime, go ahead & educate yourself more on SEO by reading the guide I have created for you all.

So you come across world’s most popular blogs & see the engagements over there from their target audience & you go like “How the hell they have been doing so good?"

Wondering to find the “abra kadaabra" for these websites? There is no magic people, it’s just that they have realized the importance of being seen & heard by their target audience & now is the time that you understand that too. They have understood the fact that great content is not the only magic bullet in their magazine but alot of other things that goes down the line.

After all, if they website is not being found online then who cares if they have amazing content, right?

1 – You need to be seen i.e. Visibility

You have must gotten in the pot holes who would have apparently offered many promises of flood gates of traffic that convert from platforms like Guest Blogging, Webinars, FB Ads or what not. This is one thing you need to understand that it’s not always certain that these strategies might work out for you or not, it’s totally dependent on the target audience.

One strategy that is going to be there till there is the sun out there & it is called SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION yeah that’s right SEO & this game if you get into is a very very long game my friends.

And in the game of marketing where the world of internet is full of gimmicks & jokes, the long game you wanna play for your business needs to be the smart one. So, if you wanna win the game the keep on reading this guide & when you will be running with it, you will be winning with it. It doesn’t matter if you a brand established already looking to ad new feather in your hat or you are a new beginner in this world, SEO treats everyone right if done the right way.

Before, we get any further, lets get to know what is Search Engine Optimization.

What is Search Engine Optimization

To generalize SEO, it’s a form of marketing. The process of optimization of your content so that more & more people can find it online.
It’s different from paid strategy as it’s organic which means you are not willingly going to put money directly for SEO to see the charts growing until or unless you hire someone for your brand to do it.

SEO is easy to follow after you have understood the fact that first you need to help search engines so that they can process & index your content & second, your content needs to be optimized for the search
engine so that it scores the top ranks on SERP’s.

You need business then you got to be creating a content that the search engine process & then serves directly to the people who are searching for it. That’s how the right seo is going to favor you. More traffic, more leads, more cost effective marketing you are into.

# Lesson – 2 -The Left & Right of SEO

The weaponry that you need to ace SEO is of two parts:
On-Page & Off-Page.

Onpage – What you come up with the webpage in terms of code & design & following the guidelines provided by Search Engines to make that webpage more search engine friendly.

You can directly influence this factor by optimizing things like:

  • Headline
  • Page content
  • Tags
  • Page speed
  • URL structure
  • Internal Linking

Offpage SEO: This is something different & it counts how much your website is being liked by other sources online & it’s definitely not upto you. Off-page helps search engines discover the signals your webpage gets from other site or from other people. These variables comes under off-page

  • Backlinks
  • Trust and authority
  •  Social sharing
  •  Context of the searcher’s life ( searcher’s
    location, user intent, behaviour & etc.)
  •  Brand awareness

Now that you have understood there are two factors influencing SEO then which one is the most crucial one? Well, they are totally equal & if you need to create your brand around seo then both of it needs to work together to form that winning strategy. If you proceed without any other then you are clearly jeopardizing your efforts to achieve those numbers & in the current scenario it’s not going to work for sure.

#Lesson 3 : 6 Pillars of SEO Strategy

  •    Keyword Strategy
  •    Content Strategy
  •    SEO Friendly Code
  •    Usability & UX
  •    Demonstrating Authority
  •    Maintaining SEO

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Step 1: Keywords Strategy

This is the first step towards SEO, before you even proceed towards creating content for your target audience you need to find out what your target audience searches for so that you can create content for those search terms & rank up & REPEAT. You would be optimizing your webpages accordingly to the keywords that your audience is searching for.

Also by realizing the keywords your audience is searching for you also come close one step to realize why they are searching for it, what is the intent behind the search, what is that they desire & the keyword strategy you are going to use needs to be around all these questions.

Step #1: Think about & make a list of potential keywords you think that your audience would be searching online. For eg. if you are an accountant then the most obvious keyword would be “best accountant near me" & so on & on.

Step #2: So have the list of your potential keywords on your industry. Now you can use a tool like Google’s Keyword Planner. It will come up with specific keywords related to your broad topics in the same industry.

Type in your topic, configure the search options, and click “get ideas.” You’ll see two tabs: “keyword ideas,” and “ad group ideas.” Explore both of them, and you’ll have a long list of potential keywords.

Have a excel sheet with you & set up the list of keywords according to their search volume & competition level. Many a times is not accurate but still it is still totally worth it as far as the search volume of keyword is concerned Google Keyword Planner is still the best.

Now you have list of keywords & I’ll tell you what sort of scenarios you would be coming across

Scenario 1 : High Competition keywords which have high search volume. The broader the keywords the more they fall in this category. High search volumes are always attractive but I would not suggest going after them as your primary target because they are just too much competitive & ranking for such level of keywords would take months or year with right SEO. Also these sort of keywords are way too broad & thus they have low conversion rates.

Scenario 2: The area which we call as sweet spots, these keywords have medium searches & competition & they are enough to make an impact in your industry if you choose to go ahead with them.

Scenario 3: Low Search Volume with low competition, yeah I know right who cares about them? But how about I tell you these are the keywords with the max conversion ratio because they are very much user intent based keywords & thus convert better.

  • It’s a good strategy to work for 10 low searches but user intent related keyword than working on 1 high volume broad keyword.
  • Also they are not broad & serves towards the user intent so get to write a really good piece of content for these sort of

Use a tool like or Ubersuggest. These have a more extensive variety of long tails. You can also use Google Auto Suggest.

Step #4: Research you competitors for metrics like Keywords they are ranking on, backlinks they have & alot of other more useful insights that you can have & for having all these reports at your hand, you need paid tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs. Just type in your competitors URL & all the metrics would show up instantly.

While working on finding the metrics of competitors, look for their top keywords & with that you can narrow down your content strategy as you would be having the keywords with you that you can work on.

Remember : Use these keywords strategically rather abusively in your content, this would help you stay away from the radar of Google Penalties that alot of people suffer from.

Step 2 : Content Strategy

So we have our golden keywords with us, now is the time to come up with the best related content on the topics that you have shortlisted & without having the best content SEO doesn’t exist. By content, I mean not to tell you that you just go ahead with articles, it doesn’t work that ways anymore. You need infographics, vidoes, gif’s & Images to go with your content.

Content should be produced with one intention only & that is that they need to rank on the top of SERP’s i.e. Search Engine Ranking Pages.

You need to validate your content before creating the final masterpiece, it takes time but in the end it’s totally worth it. Invest your time & see yourself climbing that ladder over the SERP’s.

Your content needs to be of long-form i.e. Lengthy & it should be evergreen. Lengthy because you need deep insights to showcase your target audience & when you are explaining things then it would turn out to be lengthy as it serves the value to your audience.

Evergreen – means your content needs to be a fresh new copy, sort of which Google itself has never seen before. Google is shark & it runs behind the new blood in the ocean. Be very definitive that you use no copied content, plagiarism is strictly no-no.

Also one thing you also need to be is consistent in publishing new content copies on your website so that it attracts Google bots to visit your site more often, keep republishing the old content with new changes added to it.

Create content that is the direct answers to the search query of your target audience. You may notice these days that there is featured
snippet that shows up on certain queries on Google. This is because the creator of the content was smart enough to add few snippets of the content that answers the queries of the target audience. By doing this you have a solid chance of appearing into the SERP’s even if you are ranking below the top 5 for that query.

Optimize your blog posts and multimedia for your keywords. This one’s a given. Here are some best practices.

  • Place your keyword in your headline and subheads if possible.
  • Your keyword should be placed within the first 150 words of every blog post and several times  throughout the body of the article.
  • Your images and videos should also be optimized.
  • Rename your files to include your keyword before uploading them.

Step 3: SEO-friendly code

This is quite technical but it often scares the most content publishers. Keywords & content are not enough yet. Schema & html source code is important too. I’ll give you some simple how-tos that you can implement without the overwhelm of technical jargon.

  • Create HTML sitemap & submit it to Google Search Console.
  • Use appropriate tags throughout your content. For headings, you want to use the H1 title tag. This tag should only appear once in an article. For subheads, you should use appropriate tags (H1, H2, H3, etc)
  • Make sure your URL structure is SEO-friendly
  • Make sure your site’s security protocol is HTTPS

Step 4: Usability and User experience

In the SEO world today, the user signals is what Google is reading. It tells about how engaged a person feels with the website, what is
the time spent on the website. What is the activities being taken up by the person to show involvement with the brand.

When you have an optimal user experience, here are some benefits you can expect:

  • More links as a user-friendly is link-worthy
  • More traffic and return visitors
  • Users will spend more time on your pages
  • Greater social sharing

Speed of the Website:
You pages need to load up as fast as they can, optimally it’s 2 seconds or less. Fortunately, faster loading times aren’t difficult to achieve. Here are some quick fixes:

  • Image compression
  • Use of a CDN
  • Faster servers

Mobile Friendly Website:

If your website is not mobile friendly then my friend you have lost the war already. Mobile takes up 70% of the searches these days & it will increase more in the coming times. Do a mobile-friendly test to see where you stand, and make the necessary adjustments.

Navigation and information architecture:

The bottom line? You need to make your users life easier. It means your site should be simple to navigate and figure out. Here are some tips.

  • Build extensive internal links.
  • Have solid call-to-actions to give users cues as to what to do next.
  • Your primary navigation should be simple, without too many options, and consistent across all your web pages.

Step 5: Demonstrating authority and credibility

Relevance: Keep in mind that there are several layers of relevance. The surrounding body content should be closely aligned with the link, and so must the destination page.

Link building: It’s no mystery that links have a pivotal role in SEO. The more links you have, the higher your ranking power and traffic potential. Here’s what you should consider when building backlinks.

Link position: This is rarely talked about, but the placement of your link on the page is crucial. You want it to be prominently embedded within the body of content and not in some obscure place in the sidebar or footer.

Authority: Although it’s not an easy feat, always strive to be linked by authoritative sites.

Nofollow vs. Dofollow: If you want a backlink to count as an endorsement of your site or page, it should be a dofollow link.

Anchor text: Your anchor text should be descriptive of the link and not stuffed with keywords.

Step 6: Maintaining SEO awareness and iterating your strategy

So we have covered up a good ground as of now where SEO is concerned. Being a beginner if you were to choose up these strategies then would it be enough? Yes, absolutely.

Is this what the golden rules of SEO are? Well no-one can tell what Google might come up with but these are the ground basics that needs to covered up if you wanna play this game called SEO.

You need to keep moving with the tide as well as measuring key metrics to ensure that your efforts are yielding fruit. Make this your mantra: Move, measure, and iterate quickly. Here are some quantifiable metrics to you can track.

  • Overall organic traffic
  • Backlink profile
  • Organic traffic based on individual keywords
  • Page and domain authority
  • Average number of pages per user
  • Average time that users spend on a page
  • Returning visitors
  • Crawl efficiency and indexation status
  • Bounce rate
  • Conversions from organic traffic or specific keywords


When you would start implementing the SEO facts you have learnt over here then you would be noticing a significant changes in your overall presence & would be seeing the ROI show up like they never did before. You would be having an early days of engagement with your customers & people would start recognizing your brand & your message to them.

Put it simply, you cannot opt out of SEO, because it is still the most powerful tool & you cannot neglect this platform if you want to grow your business. I hope I have made certain points clear about the jagrons of SEO with this guide & have made you realize back in your heart & mind that SEO is not that difficult after all, it’s just pure planning.

Just be true & consistent towards the strategies being talked about in this post & you will definitely see the changes.

Your business faces stiff competition from other companies in the local area. It’s vital that you partner with an SEO consultant that can increase your company’s online visibility in the face of aggressive local competition. The key to success in your market is the ability to build authority for your brand in the eyes of the search engines and your customers. I do this for you by creating keyword rich content for your site that positions you as a leading company in your service area. When searchers perform inquiries for products and services in your industry, your site will have a greater chance of coming up high in the search results. So if you are looking out for
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Organic Traffic - Increase
Bounce Rate - Decrease
Average Visit Duration - Increase
Pages Per Session - Increase

IF done right, SEO is the most profitable marketing tactic deployed in any business.

  • It provides the means to reach a wider network of audience where you can showcase all your services.
  • It's a long term process, consider it as an engine that keeps on going when you have an on-going SEO process & this engine stops slowly & slowly if you stop publishing your content & finally you reach the "square one" back again

My Search Engine Optimization Core Services Include:

Identifying the issue your brand is facing on the organic search part. Fixing of it takes the auditing first & then implementing the strategies that are needed to increase the organic traffic.
The On-Page Meta's are audited & improved for the keywords the webpage has been designed for & the duplicacy of any meta's are terminated. Respective Title Tags, Description Tags & Schema's are added to make the pages stand out on SERP's.
This works as the most dominant asset in improving the SEO of any of the website across the world. My Link Building Process is simple - First I break the list of the competitors backlinks & then I add more to the arsenal of mine so as to please Google GODS & then I enjoy the complete dominance.

Website Analysis

Before proceeding further for the SEO, I first see where does the website stands as current SEO values. Auditing of all On-Page Meta's, Content Duplicacy, Bad Interlinking Structure & The Backlinks Audit is enough to determine the problems that might be there on your website. The phase 2 starts after fixing the initial issues on your website.

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