Local SEO is About Bringing Customers Through Your Doors

What is Local SEO? How does it work?

Is your business open to local customers that might have any interest in your product or services? Well then Local SEO is what you need because it is a very effective way to market your business online to all those customers finding you online. It helps businesses to promote their services & products to local searching customers at the very same time they are searching for your services. Local SEO is mix & match of various strategies like getting your website ranked on Google, Yelp, Foursquare or other similar business directories along with this you also get to rank on Google My Business Listings. Although it is very much similar to organic SEO in Delhi, still it is very different to accomplish the same.

As the trend is known, millions of customer oriented searches are being made regarding local businesses serving their area of searches. By having the right local SEO you can have your chances of getting found by these onlooking potential customers by working out the best practices for local SEO.

It’s not just dropping off the pamphlets or brochures on the front doors of your estimated customers or having your print ad in local newspapers that might not be any interested in your products because is there is no better way of calculating ROI, local SEO is a very targeted marketing approach. Local SEO Expert or Consultant or an Agency allows you to have your business positioned on search engines & other digital marketing platforms that your potential customers are visiting more often.

Local SEO is now becoming one the most essential components to all of the businesses & brands that are focusing onto long-term success on search engines.

Here I will be sharing the brief guide on what is actually local SEO & how you can implement it to drive the local searches to your offline business.

Local SEO is pretty much focused on providing results totally relevant to a searcher based on their current location. So if I search for “interior designer in janakpuri" shows me up this

Local SEO Expert in Delhi

And, if I search the similar query on my phone then it lands me this

Local SEO consultant in Delhi NCR

Google recently revealed that users are now looking up information on their phones & the primary concern is to find the exact location or call the business they are looking to visit.

What can you do to optimize for your better business local search?

Here are the few tips to make your website much more local friendly.

Firstly, just claim your Google Places for Business Page & be very sure that your provided contact information, opening hours & contact and address are verified & complete.

Make sure the category information you are providing to Google is of better understanding of topic of your business so that it creates a signal that you are related to any localized searches about what your business does.

Google + Local = Best Combo Ever for Local SEO Results

Now that you have your local listing claim through Google Places so now, link that page to Google+. This page is meant for social interaction. It have all the feature reviews, information about your business, images & other information.

Google Local results are so much dominating so that you have to scroll a long way down to find any other. If customers search directly through maps, the local listings are far more competitive & dominant.

8 reasons why local SEO can help you attract new customers

1. Local customers are turning to the internet searches to find the local businesses on – Mobile & Desktop

More & more people are turning to online searches to find the information about local businesses

  • 96% of PC owners conduct local searches
  • 47% of all Google Searches are local these days
  • 65% local customers use search engines now to find their way to local business
  • 50% searches are being made on Mobile.
  • 70% convert into offline purchases.

2. Local Search Marketing is highly targeted & timely

The top reason for local search is to find the businesses that are local. It is true that many searches are being by looking for specific business name but also among them alot of people don’t search for specific business name but they have the specific service in their mind that they are looking for. By using the local search tactics you can put yourself in a better position to promote your offline business & offer your services to the customers looking for similar type of services.

3. Mobile internet is growing & will continue to grow further

As said earlier, more & more people are using their mobile devices these days whether it’s a phone or a tablet to find the best local businesses while they are moving or on the go. Local SEO covers both PC & mobile searches so that you would never miss out on a potential customer.

4. Highest Conversion level of all search platforms.

Having yourself registered on online directories (like yelp, foursquare, citysearch & etc.) would have you let your business name, address, phone number displayed & sometimes a brief description of your business. Local directories have always dominated the search results & would continue to do so because of their higher domain authorities as perceived by Google that is why they have higher rate of conversion as per traditional advertisements. So it is must now to register your business on these highly trusted websites.

5. Only 44% of businesses have claimed their Google My Business listing

GMB i.e. Google My Business is a FREE listing tool that Google has made available for almost any business out there. As mentioned before this is the first place you start with your local SEO. Many local businesses have not yet listed themselves so it leaves the door open for you to get your start & position yourself before your competition does.

6. Local SEO directories are still FREE i.e. easy opportunities to score best

Google My Business is free, so is Bing places & other hundreds of online business directories. That means the promotion of your business is totally free as of now.

7. 88% of Local Consumers trust is Driven by Online Business Reviews

Many local businesses are striving off through word of mouth which contributes towards the success of the business, by word of mouth I am referring towards REVIEWS here. So if you want to increase your local reputation that you would need to ask your customers to leave you a good review after the services you have given to help them out for what they were looking for.

8. Local Customers Rely on the Internet to Find Information About Your Business

Nowadays individuals rely upon the internet to discover data about a wide range of items and administrations. In the event that your business isn’t found on local list items, you’ll pass up a great opportunity for new customers. Executing an assortment of Local SEO methodologies for your business can enable you to appear on the internet outline future customers to see!

Other tips that might come handy when doing Local SEO

  • Optimize the business information on local search directories by adding keywords that would refer your services.
  • Always create a title with having your primary keywords in it.
  • Be sure of associating your business listing with the right category
  • Schema Markup – MUST addon nowadays, Google loves Schema
  • Always add your address in the proper format & use that format for all business listings, be consistent.
  • Encourage your customers to leave you a good review
  • If you have different physical locations of your business then add all of them to listings.

On-Page Local SEO

This is one such process left out from many experts while optimizing the website, it is very important to include your business address in the above consistent format I referred about, also you need to add the location within the content of the page & the title tag as well.

The page title needs to have the business brand name, keywords & the location you are targeting. Adding the same information in the description tag would be a good option too.

Embed your Google My Business map on your “Contact Us" page or local listings page to help Local SEO work its magic for you.

If you still need help regarding optimization of Local SEO then you can contact me or leave a message. I have been providing Local SEO Expert Services in Delhi Services to my clients for a long time & have been able to achieve the results they were expecting after all I am “not" just another digital marketing expert you meet.  🙂

Local SEO = Google My Business + NAP

Your key to Local SEO success is having the NAP done on the business directories.

NAP is Name, Address & Phone Number, so this is what I was telling you about when I wanted you to know what is credible business information that needs to go with all your listings online.

Quality Skills

Along with other SEO credentials that I own, I have been handling alot of clients regarding their Local SEO, mainly these are local restaurants & pharmacists who are looking to increase the footfall on their business address.

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Local Reputation management87%

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