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Short Story About Me

It all started about 7 years back when I completed my Graduation in B.Tech. I was way too much head over heels in love with growing internet technologies & because of being very curious & outgoing nature; I felt like pursuing the Internet Marketing Domain for myself & THEN REST FOLLOWED

I also completed my Post Grad in MBA (Marketing & International Business) from one of the finest deemed universities for distance learning i.e. IMT Ghaziabad. I had been very much into the Digital Marketing Optimization & SEO Optimization in Delhi from the beginning of all this.

I am an ex-trainee from the renowned Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi that goes by the name of DSIM. I've been known as “Go to this person" for all in-class lectures during our time there.

  1. Jan, 2011
    How Digital Nerd in "ME" Popped Out.

    I have been too much fascinated towards growth of Facebook Fan Pages earlier as I used to manage few of our gaming friends back from graduation times. I kept on joining on relevant groups to share the stuff that we wanted the other communities to look onto. 

    Didn't realized back then that the Digital Marketing Ninja was in the making somewhere between joining of those groups & posting relevant stories for the people out there.

  2. Feb, 2013
    DSIM Happened in Early 2013

    The outlay of my skills in the professional world was being layed over there only. Not only I came across other Digital Marketing Related terminologies but actually got to "how things work online".

  3. Mar, 2014
    The Period of Disappointment

    It's been 6 months by-gone from what I had learnt from the institute & yet things were not showing up on the SERP's or on the ROI's. There had to be some issues that I was not being able to identify.

    I researched, I read, I implemented, I even Consulted Famed Gurus Online

    Nothing to rescue.

    Then the enlightenment was in a fact that may be I have not read & studied everything on "how internet works" 

  4. Feb, 2017
    Iamdigitalninja.com - The Start

    After 4 years of working for various industry clients in industries like Finance, Ecom, Renovation, Designers & what not. I was sure of the fact that I am here to put up strong & I would be making prominent success stories for myself. 

    in 2017, iamdigitalninja.com happened to me when I was in debate with myself about what next.

What:apos:s more to me apart from Internet Marketing

I am an avid reader of subreddits of my interest, the knowledge pool shared over there is absolutely enormous. Alteast around 2 hours a day I am there onto reddit.

Music & Me

I am in love with chill house music & it is what brings me peace alot of times. However when I need to dig deep into something to find answers I make sure my favorite music is running in background as it helps me focus more.

Online Gaming - It:apos:s part of life now

I have been associated with online gaming for about 11 years & into this world, the only one stop I see for myself is Counter Strike(CSGO). It:apos:s fun spending good times with your old buddies sitting at home. Kinda bring backs the nostalgic times we had.

Meet My Fellow Folks

Iamdigitalninja is Me, But I have had privilege of few industry guys who are just as kickass as me in their respective domains.
Mayank Pal
Mayank Pal

The Web Coding Ninja

Deeksha Dudeja
Deeksha Dudeja

The Content Writing Ninja

Vaibhav Sharda

The Social Media & Automation DEMON

Mr. Snafu
Mr. Snafu

Just Hanging Around ..............

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I am literally gulping up my other mail boxes as I'm typing this, still all my important mails are already marked so I make sure I am always replying the important one's. You are important to me as well, so just go ahead & shoot the mail.
Awesome Team
I have a team of some brilliantly talented individuals who are together helping me realize my dream come true with this website. Together we would open the flood gates of the traffic to your website.
I Believe in Building a Relationship First.
I am more of a friend when it comes to creating business opportunities it's just that this friend of yours happens to be one of the kickass folks you would have seen in digital marketing. Go ahead & try me, you'll not be disappointed.

My Vision

I want small businesses around the globe to realize the power of Internet Marketing & how big the influence it can leave onto your lives because; Internet is where the business needs to be. Local SEO is so much beneficial with just requiring small efforts to make sure that you are there to score all those leads that are meant for you.