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Discover More About My Digital Marketing Expertise! You Probably Came Through Google Search, So Yeah! SEO is my main Forte, Let's Talk About It.
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My name is HITESH, I grow companies using advanced online marketing strategies.

Under My Umbrella of Digital Marketing Services, I cover almost everything.

Creatives Can :quot:Do:quot: Good Business, You Dont Have To Figure It Out Alone.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO);
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM), well it is being touted as PPC Adwords but in SEM I cover both PPC + SEO;
  • Social Media Marketing - (SMO + SMM) both are essential if your brand needs social influence.
  • Content Management - Nothing moves ahead until this moves ahead. Period.
  • Email Marketing - I still have few tips & tricks under my sleeves to have your Email Marketing Setup to drive conversions like crazy.
  • Digital Marketing Audit - Showcasing the true crystal clear image of what your brand looks like online & how competitors are securing their spots.
  • Endless Talking Sessions - Cup of a Coffee or Tea & Non Stop Ideas of how to make things better for your Business.
Digital Marketing Consultant in Delhi - Digital Marketing Expert Trainer

Digital Marketing Consultant in Delhi - Digital Marketing Expert Trainer

Being a digital marketing consultant in Delhi is something that is very risky preposition because of the fact that “digital marketing" is a very broad term in itself & having expertise in all branches of it is something only a person passionate enough can seem to acquire.

I have been in profound love with the digital marketing terminologies as I have been very curious to learn them & have implemented all of that stuff that I have learnt on my journey on my clients websites that have produced tremendous results(my list of clients is very broad as I have worked for alot corporates in India, UK, Singapore & US, but I am very much devoting my time towards small scale businesses as there are far more things to achieve for them as compared to the hot-shots)

I also have few affiliates websites that I run for the platforms like Amazon, Clickbank & Shareasale as passive income sources

Working with me would also help you get educated & trained over almost all the verticals of digital marketing(I guess only I do such a thing), because I don’t like to keep my clients in shade & make them believe that their business is growing but the digital metrics are tanking. I have seen people doing that to my clients.

It happens because of the fact that client himself is not educated enough on those metrics & believe whatever the associated marketer is saying is “true" which is not & by the time you realize this then you would have lost precious chunk of money & time on digital marketing & this is how the market presence for digital marketers gets tarnished & saturated & all those small businesses loose hope in realizing the power of internet marketing for their web pages.

To be very honest, I am self aware of the fact that no client would be associated with me for a lifetime because every business identifies their  satisfaction threshold & thus tend to reduce the marketing expenditure & other related cost post threshold.

So to make them achieve their thresholds that they desire I come into play & we together as team work for that “golden ticket" to digital marketing achievements & digital dreams.

So, come along & see the digital marketing the way I see.

Experience the affects of internet marketing on your business & learn what, why & how things are working & performing over the time so that when I am not there then you can take things in your own hands & work it out.

Why You Should Trust Me As Your Digital Marketing Consultant

I know, dealing with freelances can be intimidating. It’s tempting to attempt to do everything yourself, however, that both can be time consuming & ineffective.

I have helped companies across many varied industries (Tech Start Ups, Apps, Local Businesses, Restaurants, Accountants, Ecom’s) You name it, I most likely have an experience with it one way or another. If for some reason I don’t then don’t worry because my ideas & strategies can apply to all businesses selling a product, service or information.

I give you proven results.

Many so called “Digital Marketing Expert in Delhi" would leave you with little more than a few extra likes & shares on your Instagram or Facebook posts. You care more about sales, conversions, engagement & customer loyalty. So, that’s what I strive to provide you with.

Great, I’m Interested

Fantastic! If you are not quite convinced yet, that’s fine too ( you haven’t hurt my feelings, don’t worry). However, if you can see what I have described above being able to help you in any way then send me a message using the form below.

Regardless of your budget, plans or current situation, I’d love to hear more about your company, previous seo smo campaign & how I may be able to help.

Affordable Digital Marketing Consultation Services

Digital Marketing these days is something every business needs whether sooner or later & I am very much skilled enough in bringing the targeted traffic & ranking the keywords that you believe is something no-one is been able to do for you obviously staying under the radar the way BIG G wants. Yes SEO is my main forte but I am also far more dominant & up to date on all verticals of digital marketing world.
I would present you with the list of keywords based on two categories; Industry Search Related Keywords & Competitor Keywords. These reports would be presented along according to your website so that you get to choose the keywords you want to see yourself up on those top soaring google ranks.
Main task, my whole success jagron is this Planning the Right Strategy & Execution. It takes considerable amount of time to plan things & rank those keywords accordingly, the famous quote of ranking keywords in 6 months is pretty much bullshit. It's the planning & style of execution that affects the ranking but yes I'm still not the guy who ranks your business overnight. NOT JUST THAT GUY, SORRY!
I work to please Google GODS first then anything else & infact this is why my main forte is SEO, the basics of Google Ranking Process is so much endowed within my team that we never ever stumbled on our clients or personal keywords SERP's.
Not just the Google Analytics Reports that shows no. of sessions & traffic. I would prepare the reports for you that are easy to understand & can have you analyse the fact that either your business is doing really well or you could figure out the steady growth in entire parameters. YES, there are some red flags sometimes but because of fluctuating nature of Algo's it is fine, I fix everything once we figure out what is the problem.
Local Search Strategy
If you are providing services to the doorsteps & would like to increase your target base then YOU & YOUR Business needs a seo campaign & local strategy.
Maps Search Optimization
Have your Business listed onto Google MyBusiness & leverage the best benefits from the platform that is being used alot these days. Rank your business on top of Google Business Listings & Expand your Customer Base.
Link Building & Content
Irrespective of what you have heard or read online, LINKS are still the top most factor to decide the likability of a website to rank on the top searches & the most awesome content on the net gets most clean link profile so the Content & Links Strategy go HAND IN HAND.
Search Engine Marketing (Adwords)
I have been managing several Adwords Campaigns for my projects & with the usage of old aged accounts I tend to acquire better ROI & Lower CPC's on my campaigns.
Kickass Website Design
Just share a vision of what kind of website you would like to have & I'll bring the best design options to match what you exactly been looking for. Pssst.....My Web Design Team is Quite Good
Custom Email Design
Responsive + Targeted + Call To Action = >25% Conversion Ratio. The above formula has been working well for almost all my clients who have been investing into the Mass Email Marketing Techniques. Those numbers can be yours too.

My Modus Operandi

All these years I have devised my own set of rules & search engine friendly strategies to achieve the best for any sort of industry related work. All I need is the vote of confidence from your end & then you just SIT BACK & RELAX!